November 07, 2005

All in Good Taste ; - )


Blog hero, Internet fortune teller, and slayer of New Age dragons, RageBoy, has announced his decision to join the ad age by making a partial-subsidization- of-book-buying-habit deal (AKA: arrangement) with the gum guys at ElimiTaste.

Not only can RB now rush to the bookstore chomping on Zapp with some extra cash in his pocket, but he can also talk to the ladies in the "Spirituality" isle of Barnes & Noble without that skanky Starbucks-and-cigarette aftertaste on his tongue, thanks to SmokeScreen.

God bless us, every damn one!

Read more about RB's sellout class hierarchy of needs.

Read more about ElimiTaste here.

And ask RageBoy how YOU can become an affiliate.

Weinberger Real Disclosure Statement: YES ElimiTaste is a client (suggested addition to the Weinberger scale: WWT (work with them).) They are also cool folks who understand how bloggers think, and they intend not to insult us. You can buy their gum online, pop it in your mouth after coffee or a cigarette (ahhhh, those were the days), or hand it out to the kids for trick-or-treat (DOH! I mean after the Thanksgiving turkey). Not to mention, the ElimiTaste folks don't waste your time with things like the juicy fruit blog.

And the gum's damn good too.

To quote RageBoy's evil twin Chris Locke:

"I've been chewing the shit outta the stuff."

....and you can too.


fpaynter said...

Yes! God bless us ... and as Tiny Tim also said (or perhaps it was Scrooge McDuck): Oh what a goose! What a fine large goose!

Christopher Locke said...

It's goosing up the old bank account, I can tell you that!

Jeneane Sessum said...

Duck... Duck... Duck...