November 09, 2005

steroid comedown

wick a sheath, ember
charred then spark
reminds me, what feels any other way isn't anyway
consider laughing, slashing, grinding you
to maim or hump
either way
tomatos + salt + pepper + mayo on soft white bread
seven, please

what do you mean by that
lighting the corners of things
heel toe heel electric
your lips razors of flesh
i can hear sound in sound

turn down the air
my ears are
a villiage
paris is burning

now on the edge of that spoon
soft curves feminine
form plump meat
what was he for halloween
diamonds have edges
seven feet thick
every hair
grows inward
tickling thoughts I haven't

scent, wind clash - the soft silence of without, the dancing of quiet, the marvel of the circus of 'be'.

carry me.

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