November 03, 2005

Into my fifth year...

In 2001, the Financial Times Group named Christopher Locke one of the Top 50 Business Thinkers in the World. 2001 was an interesting year. Many of my clients and colleagues were finishing up their happy dance soon to be tripping on the bad foot.

Chris Locke already knew what was next. That same year, he issued a challenge to his EGR readers: Start a blog and I'll blogroll you.

I'd already been blogging over at Gonzo Engaged, and around that time welcomed anyone and everyone onto the blog who wanted to come and experiment. Oh they came. A rowdy group o regulars still hangs there. Tom, Marek, Ken, Frank, Denise, Kevin--you know who you are.

When the challenge came, quite a few bloggers you know today took Chris up on his offer. If Chris is your babydaddy, then give him a shout out. Leave a comment here.

He was this allied's blogbaby daddy. And finer stock there isn't. Just ask his psychotherapist.

The day I took the challenge was November 4, 2001. Which means tonight I'm ready-or-not entering my fifth year of blogging. With a new look, courtesy of Josh Hallett. And a new attitude, courtesy of Andrea Roceal James, cause like I said, if I didn't have me some blog friends I'd have no friends atall.

Thus and such having been revealed and not meaning to mix past present and future, here I am doing just that.

And why not. This is the Web. Linear's dead. There is no Christmas Past. Every day is a holiday and a day of mourning in the same instant. We walk on invisible lines toward and away from one another 500 times a day. Someone is always coming. What's better than that.

So, in my own celebratory way, I'm thinking about why I'm here, not philosophically or metaphysically speaking, or even spiritually speaking, unless you count the places Google takes me sometimes.

And in this throw-my-own party, where do we go from here, frame of mind, I have to toss in some kind words from the guy who started a generation of newbies on the road to each other and to you. And who told me a long time back what i needed to be doing, and that if I did well then by golly somebody gonna take notice...

If your aim is to genuinely inform your markets about what you're up to and why anyone should give a damn, hire Jeneane. You can't go wrong. That's assuming, of course, that you are up to something worth giving a damn about. If not, hire robots. They're cheaper and they don't seem to mind writing crap. Jeneane does mind. Although she has many laudable communication skills, suffering fools gladly is not high among them.

Aside from that, she's a very nice person and doesn't (usually) bite.

Right. Not usually.

Happy Anniversary.

Thank you Josh and Andrea and this blog's babydaddy.

And thanks to everyone who keeps coming here.

Damn. What else can I say?


Andrea James said...

Happy blogversary and I love the new look! It's classy & colourful like you.

Mr clocke contributed at least a few chromosomes to my blog. I was already posting my writing on the web but he was the one who got me to call myself a blogger.

AKMA said...

Happy blogday, sister!

Christopher Locke said...

this is like getting slapped with multiple paternity suits! but thanks. I do have to admit, though, that I'm only in it for the money.

bada bing!

fpaynter said...

Happy blogiversary some days late... I'm getting caught up on some reading and here I discover we're in that time of year when, hearkening back to 2001, we can thank our lucky beans that RB issued the challenge.

Nice to have friends like you, Jeneane.