November 04, 2005

Let's Go to the Movies

Atlanta's Kaneva is making headlines again with the launch of, a joint effort with Campus MovieFest (CMF).

From what I understand, they're currently running an online Independent Movie Festival that sounds like something I wish had taken place when my nephew was studying film at RIT. He'd make these incredible short films with a cast of characters from the campus and I remember thinking I wish someone who could make a difference in his 'after college' life would see these things. As it is, he changed majors because it was frustrating wanting to make films but not having an audience outside of the family and professors to appreciate them. Man, they were funny. (Hi Russ, if you're reading).

That's why I like this idea--and I like that it's aimed at young film makers looking for an exposure platform. I also like that the Movie Festival will let community participants play movie critic along with a panel of legit judges who'll be reviewing the work. I like that it might bring back good short-film makers who might have given up on getting their work out because there wasn't "a better way." Now, better technology makes watching movies online a real option. And as a distribution platform, control goes back into the artist's hands.

They're taking submissions now through May 15, 2006. The festival ends and winners are announced July 4, 2006. (Get it--INDEPENDENCE Movie Fest...)

You can watch trailers free after registering at Kaneva. I'm still not sure how pricing for the festival works for us moviegoers -- like can I get a wristband similar to going to Six Flags? Can I pick certain days to watch and get a pricing deal? I do know there are some free movies and some dollar movies. And I do know the Kaneva folks will answer questions if you ask 'em.

Check out the official details here.

If there's a filmmaker in your life, send them here.

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