September 25, 2006

Techmeme Goes Meta Taking Ads from Its Own

Wow. I felt all whiplashish visiting techmeme this morning and noticing "sponsor" posts -- or ads -- over on the right. Now I may not be the smartest cat in the bag (what?), but seems to me that the kind of sponsors ought to be paying to post on techmeme at $3K - $5K a month are sites that have 'getting a life' or 'living life as a normal person' as their central theme, not more web 2.0 sites, like Socialtext, ODesk and Wink, which are likely to end up on techmeme one way or the other for free.

Maybe camping or cooking out related sites or blogs. Or perhaps dogster or catster or pet sales sites. Anything that connects techmeme's passionate geeks with the realworld. Bridge their gap for them, eh? Even BlogHer, you know? Ah well, we'll see how it all comes out in the wash.

UPDATE: oh okay. Gabe has talked to a bunch talked to a bunch of savvy guys about it -- the Gillmor Gang, Jeff Jarvis, Nik Cubrilovic, Phil Sim, and Brian Oberkirch, among others. So, you know. Thank w00tness for that.

UPDATE 2: Vern over at -- a service that makes possible what techmeme's sponsorship section is doing -- has a great offer over at his place for Web 2.0 startups who can't afford to shell out a few grand this month.

For the next two weeks, if you're a Web 2.0 company or tech. startup and have a blog, we'll circulate your blog in our advertising slot at the bottom of the TGB widget. All we need you to do is contact us with your name, email address, url of your company blog, a short description of your company and the company url and we'll put you into our pool for consideration.

I'm also offering to add any women-run startups to our Blog Sisters goodblogs widget for a month. It's free. See Vern for the how-tos.

COME ON, come over.

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