October 26, 2006

Buying back our own shit.

With the birth of Obvious Corp., some say Web 3.0 is here. That companies are surviving long enough to buy themselves back from investors is testimony to how Web 2.0 differs from the hype of the e-commerce (and e-everything-else) era.

Beyond Odeo, Ev's Twitter is an undervalued, under-understood app that could change everything about WHAT we tell one another and how. Ev is good at creating platforms for flavors and layers of communication. Ev is very good at understanding nuances in how people want to relate. And Ev is very good at making good things happen.

Good luck and congrats to Ev, whose first big innovation introduced me to the world of online publishing and whom I respect immensely for that.

And congrats also to Euan Semple, who's search prominence just got a steroid injection of massive-body-builder proportions.

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