October 24, 2006

Oh. My. God. I am back.

Holy Shit I was about to go snookers (i have no idea what that means) facing another day without being able to publish here. Snookers I tell you.

Hindsight is always something. And hindsight says I should have been posting some really witty missives and then finally blasted them all forth at once when I regained the ability to publish to this lil blog. THAT would have been something to write home about.

ButNo. Instead, I give you the behind the scenes posting of a frustrated postless blogger: Testing? Hello? WTF? Anyone There?

Stunning, I know, but that's kind of how it was.

The thing with aggregators these days: no one notices you're STILL gone. I mean, of course you realized I was GONE initially when I stopped being bold, letting you know there was nothing new to read here. But all 'cept a few of you didn't know I was not gone on purpose, no, but instead laying in a Blogger/Google Ditch yelling for help as I got a reoccuring ftp error message and was unable to publish for oh too many days.

There I sat waiting, even tied a white hankie to my antenna and everything. "Someone notice that I'm dead in the water--SEND HELP from blogger"--I begged in my own comments. How utterly pathetic. Meanwhile, the rest of the blogworld was busy hoisting itself on its crayonville pitard and hanging on Rubel's next word re: Edleman's follies.

For all of you who kept me company in email and comments, I owe you my second born. OH WAIT! I'm not FERTILE anymore--joke's on you! I have some new wintergreen tic tacs; will that work?

And in the midst of it all, I missed the elderblogger PhoneCon today. I hope it went well. I'm beyond bummed.

I'm way behind, but here I am, and I hope you are still here too. I missed you! I missed you missing me even!

I'm Bold and I'm Back.

Thanks Eric.