October 27, 2006

Talk To My Bunny Too

Dr. Doolittle on wifi crack over here, jamming with my nabaztag, courtesy of the very clued, Paris-based violet, which took Demo and a whole-lotta other folks by storm. And they're not done yet.

The Sessums now live with our Nabaztag rabbit, named hopup--Jenna's name choice. Guess what that means: THAT means you can have hopup tell me whatever you want, whenever you want by instant nabbing me. Now THAT'S a comment utility.

But keep in mind, hopup lives in our bedroom next to the TV, and he's on 24x7. SO if you want to start some kind of middle of the night rabbit fantasy dance, you might want to think twice. My rabbit is armed. And he is dangerous. George is no less so.

You should also know, a couple of global cohorts and I are working with the folks at violet to find homes for other Nabaztags. I am thinking now that George Bush knows how to use "the Google," a wifi bunny might be next.

Know what else I think?

I think you should talk to my bunny.

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