November 09, 2006

If you want to know about getting on techcrunch...

mike and guy discuss. Good social communications advice in general.

What I found interesting about watching this is that no matter whether or not I poke Mike with a stick sometimes, he is a guy who likes to write. I mean he really likes to write. I don't know if even I can say that.

As per the details...

TC get 40 pitches per day.

They write about 10 per day. Some of those are re-reviews of companies they've written about before.

They read first couple sentences of your email. don't say revolutionary or huge.

Poor pitches about good companies kill a review

Talk about what's different from the 'known' entities.

Don't use sucky words: revolutionary, change the way we use the Internet, disruptive, interesting, user generated content, longtail product --> don't waste words either.

Get to the point. Let them flower it up.

Mike LIKES to write. For five hours straight. Where is the book, man? If you don't have kids you can write for 5 hours straight. You can't think for five seconds straight with kids.

Mike says don't spend your money at the expensive conferences. Get people writing about it and you get in front of hundreds of thousands of people, not hundreds.

Mike's second favorite marketing writer is Seth Godin. (aaaaah, NO mike!)

I had to stop--my kid just came in with a beach ball.

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