November 07, 2006

the speed of meme

My friend Alec Saunders has an interesting post about meme creation, which I'd really classify more as good-ways-of-structuring-our-world-and-how-they-catch-on, but maybe meme creation is a little easier to say. You think? Alec uses the Voice 2.0 moniker as an example and concludes that it doesn't take a whopping PR budget to create your own category in the wondermous wide world of the web.

"In 12 months time, we’ve managed to insert an idea, which now has apparently a ton of currency, into a very old industry.  We haven’t relied on large marketing budgets, or heavy lifting PR campaigns.  Instead, using just blogs and conversation..."


(although if you have a large marketing or PR budget, call me at 678-294-0900.)

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