November 07, 2006

What Not to Do With Pictures: Part 1

Have a particularly stressful decade, take lots of 35mm pictures, and never develop them.

Save 12 canisters of film from that decade in various drawers and cubbies around the house..

Let your daughter talk you into rounding them up one day and taking them to Eckerds for 1-hour processing.

Return 3 hours later with daughter to a stack of 11 (one roll bit the dust) packets of photos to look through.

Stand at the counter and look at every one of them, every face frozen in time, every lost relationship manifest, every wound, every symbol in every corner of your world.

Find one packet of baby pictures from a day in November when your nine-year-old daughter was just six weeks old.

Feel your usually painful uterus ache more.

Show the photomat lady: This is her then; This is her now--tada!

Spend $77.

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