January 29, 2007

Media 2.0 Workgroup and Young Dr. Kildare

I'm delighted (you can tell when I use words like 'delighted' that this is serious business) to be part of the newly (as in today) launched Media 2.0 Workgroup.

When asked if I would like to participate, I said as long as I can play young Dr. Kildare.

And (you won't believe it, but) they said yes!

So in my new role, I promise you, dear readers and friends and detractors, that I will try to use my power for good, not evil, and that means I will construct my meanderings using the broadest interpretation of what Media 2.0 means. Or doesn't mean.

We came here to tell stories, didn't we? Yes we did! Once upon a time, we were the wedia media pedia, weren't we? Yes, we were! And with the web 2.o pony beaten just shy of the glue factory, I'm looking for new rides, higher slides, longer strides. So let's find some together! Are you with me?

Although my beat is PR, because my roots there are long and twisted, I plan to explore way more than what I already know about. What's your pleasure--social drama? network karma? big pharma? it's all good.

What made me say "Sure, if I can play Dr. Kildare" in the first place was the chance to join this cast of characters who are also part of the workgroup:

Ben Metcalfe (Ex BBC)
Publishing 2.0 (Scott Karp)
Stowe Boyd (/message)
Are you Paying Attention? (Touchstone)
Daniela Barbosa (Factiva/Dow Jones)
Jeremiah Owyang (PodTech)
Jeff Pulver (PulverMedia)
Suw & Kevin (Strange Attractor)
Frank Gruber (AOL)
Ian Forrester (BBC)
Brian Solis
Marianne Richmond (Resonance Ptnrship)
Jeneane Sessum
(Oh, duh, that's me)

Heavy company indeed. I'm looking forward to working with them all to build a useful, aggregated base for stewing and stowing and suwing together and with anyone who wants to participate, because that really excites me, and I could use a good dose of excitement about now.

You too? Okay then!

For a more formal description on what this whole thing is about, see the blogs listed above, and the announcement on touchstone.

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