January 30, 2007

Splish Splash, I Got Back in the Bath -- How Was I to Know There Was a Party Goin' On?!

One of my favorite gentlemen of the Internet is involved in the launch of an interesting new service called SplashCast, which offers a multi-file, mixed media (video, photos, audio, text) embeddable player that gets updates via RSS. In other words, Splashcast lets you display and syndicate channels of content on your website, blog, social networking profiles etc. Gone are the days of Annoying Copy. Spashcast brings the real you up close and personal.

The way I'm explaining it inside my own brain is that splashcast lets me present a "multi-media me" that's auto-updated by RSS.

I wish my real-world, real me was auto-updated via RSS. Is that too much to ask? Can you add the real-world component in the next rev, Marshall? Auto take my vitamins? Auto feed my dog? And all the while you watch me do it.

Talk about putting the GREAT into InteGREATed!

Anyway, you can see SplashCast in action now, with Marshall himself telling the splashcast story, here. He is so cool.

Blogger FAQ's and answers are here: http://splashcastmedia.com/blogger-faq/

I'll be checking it out up close and personal once I get that webcam George got me for Christmas hooked up.

Now THAT's a scary thought.

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