February 22, 2007

so you think it's funny i'm selling shaklee, huh? -- ADVERTORIAL --

yeah, hahaha. well, maybe not.

I decided to try shaklee vitamins last month because i was sick of having to drive to the health food store every 15 days to get a bottle of quality supplements, and because I'm sick of being on antibiotics (as a result of failing to do number 1 above, in part), and I'm sick of feeling like homemade crap, and because george used to sell shaklee in the early 80s. I've tried their stuff before and have always liked it.

And THAT'S why you see the puppy in the sidebar. Right over there --->

And what the heck, if i'm not my own best advertiser, what kind of a model am I setting for others who would pay to have me hawk their brands!??!

So here's to good health. Yours and mine. And if you're looking for supplements, eco-friendly (not boutique, mind you) cleaning supplies, personal care items, etc., check out my shaklee store and order online.

this advertisement sponsored by the people for the ethical treatment of bloggers, ltd.