February 19, 2007

"why don't you put me on your back and carry me down, Ms. Helpful?"

Everyday rage-making comments courtesy of writing is fighting:

Yesterday, I got into the elevator in my apartment building with a young white couple. As we all pressed our floor buttons, my floor didn't light up. I pressed the button again, to no avail. The girl says to me in a loud and deliberately slow manner, "why don't you just press seven and then walk down the stairs? If you press five, then you have to walk up rather than walking down." I turned around and looked at her. Bitch, do I look like I'm five? The elevator stopped on my floor and as the doors opened, the girl pats me on the shoulder and says, "See? You don't have to walk." I again gave her a look and shook my head as I exited the elevator. As usual, I thought, do I look stupid or am I just being too sensitive? Should I have punched her out or cussed her? The problem with that is that the person then thinks that you are nuts, calls the cops, etc, and of course has no idea why you are mad because they don't understand why their behaviour is insulting.

It's those everyday interactions that personally drive me nuts. What I don't understand is why some - notice how I said some - white people talk to you like you're deaf and dumb and need assistance. I also don't get it how in such a diverse city like Toronto, there are people who act like they have never had any interactions with black people, or don't realize that...well, just act stupid.

Happens in Atlanta too.