September 10, 2008

The First YouTube Election - Get Your Benincasa On.

Mr. Uncle RageBoy pointed out to me by teleprompter - err phone - today that this 2008 election is the first YouTube election. He googled it while I drove to be sure, and sure enough, no YouTube til 2005, which means the last time (the last last time) George W. stole the election, the non-revolution was not youtubeized.

Thank you Jesus - we just might have our ace in the hole after all. I keep saying: One YouTube video of Palin speaking in tongues, and Bob, as they say, 's your uncle.

In the mean time, I look 3 times a day to see if the OTHER sarah, Sara Benincasa and her crafty sidekick Diana Saez, have updated their most HYSTERICAL portrayal of the up and coming Sarah Palin.

rotflmao, it's about the only thing that cheers me up on newsday, which lately is every day.



Christopher Locke said...

Indeed. Sara Benincasa is totally brilliant. And "Dina" is the perfect foil (as in "foiled again!"?). Note that some of the funniest stuff is in those text interstitials or whatever you might call them. For instance, check the reference to The Artist's Way at the end of #4. LOL! Somebody's got her finger on the pulse of the Mystic Bourgeoisie, you betcha. Now I have to go kill something. Sara B., I love you.

DiSa said...

Why thank you! I'm no Sara B, but I am honored to be in her presence and contribute to this hilarity.

Jeneane Sessum said...

OMGZ Dina Heath-Barr!!!! Thank you for stopping by. I LOVE you guys - you are the best straight man/lady in the business. Obama I rebuke the. EEEGAAADS I'm still splitting a gut.

Thank you for keeping me SANEish.!

fpaynter said...

This is hot! A comment from Dina Heath-Barr herself!!