September 09, 2008

The Sensitive Baracuda - Palin's Hiding Behind the Woman Shield

What makes me more crazy than the fact that Palin is applauded by conservatives for leaving her four-month-old special needs baby and her pregnant teenage daughter in order to participate in the biggest beauty contest of all - the Presidency - is the notion that somehow the media probing her background -- or asking ANY questions -- is unfair.

This woman-as-victim thing has GOT to stop. Now. With this election. Palin is the one who used her down syndrome baby as a human shield to hide her pregnant daughter's belly at recent campaign events. How low can you get?

The notion that the media has to treat Palin with "deference" is beyond me. WTF? Where is the outrage?

Maybe the GOP and the rest of America have grown too stupid or too scattered to know what deference means. From the L.A. Times:

John McCain's campaign essentially confirmed over the weekend what some had suspected: Media access to Sarah Palin, would-be vice president of the United States, will be tightly controlled.

Troublemakers need not apply.

And how will we know those troublemakers? They will be the ones unwilling to treat the governor of Alaska with what campaign manager Rick Davis called "some level of respect and deference."


The dictionary definitions I find begin with "respectful submission" and "yielding."

Respectful Submission. Are you ready to submit? Because I'm not ready to submit.