September 02, 2008

In Praise of Spam

Every once in a while - I think it's about once every three years - I get spam that makes my life richer - that if I had clicked 'block' or 'delete,' would have omitted a tiny piece of my life's conversation -- i would go along missing a comma, a semi-colon, a space.

It's like the death penalty spam is - i can't kill everything because the cost of one innocent is too much to pay. that's why i rarely report spam.

tonight I'm glad of my weird proclivity to spam. Because lorenzo from Italy popped into my skype.

he said this:

Hi Jeneane!
I hope I don’t disturb you. I find your address on the Skype directory.
My name is Lorenzo Pescini and I’m Italian, 40 and I’m a "new classic" compositor.
I’ve just written a new piece of romantic music with the name “Dietro la luna – Behind the moon”.
You can listen it on youtube.
In the video you will see a selection of nice paintings of Francesco Nesi, a famous Italian painter, with my piano solo music….
The address is:
I would like to let it know to the people because we have worked hard for it and for free!
So…Enjoy it!
Please if you enjoyed it, write your comments on the site, add it to your prefers, rate it and let know my video to your friends!
Your opinion is very important for me!


Go listen to Lorenzo's music, and behold his friend's art. I'm glad I did. Thanks, Lorenzo.