September 06, 2008

Why the Religious Right Needs to Win in November

It all comes down to the Supreme Court. I know many of you realize this, but if you are wondering why the GOP has selected such a staunch neo-conservative figurehead, even though she is VP not P, look no further than Roe v. Wade and the fact that the Supreme Court will tip one way or the other during the next one-to-two administrations.

The Conservative Extremist movement is not concerned about the war on terror, although they tell you and themselves that they are. That is a smoke screen.

The war they are waging is for dominance of the judicial branch of the American government. They fight this war for one purpose and one purpose only: so that they can do God's highest will and save the unborn from murder.

You have to admire their sharp focus and twisted strategy: Use a mouthy woman to convince other women to put in power leaders who will appoint justices that will institute further control over women. Sneaky eh?

The most important American citizens to Conservative Extremists like Palin are the unborn. Followed by the unsaved.

Regardless of your view on Roe v. Wade, consider the fact that this election for the GOP is about abortion at the expense of everything else. Because this is the election that decides the makeup of the supreme court for years to come.

That the Presidency and Judicial branch of our government are being manipulated over a single issue based on skewed terror tactics from a marginalized but powerful group is, to say the least, alarming.