September 01, 2008

leaving the kids out of it... (pass if you're tired of palin)

...or almost, the F*B*I* may want to join the internet age and make sure candidates kids and their kids' friends myspace pages get protected BEFORE lots of pictures, including under age drinking, and a caption that calls sarah palin the mommy inlaw of trig, plus lots of calling of friends nigs and wiggers and such, get uncovered by other kids. And THEN the profiles get set to private.

including Levi with either willow or bristol or the same friend who thinks Trig is her brother? [[zoom in to see the captions and comments]] - whatever the christian conservative kid, i'm thinkin they shouldn't be drinkin at 16, 17, .... (legal age in alaska?)

any other day, any other race, these would be just kids. But lies are lies are lies. and none of the lies are the fault of the kids.

social network kids - the new reporters.


maybe the governor should take off work more than 3 days after popping out a baby.

just sayin.