March 05, 2003

George told Jenna Mr. Rogers Died

You know, when Mr. Rogers died last week, I let my brain run around for a goodly amount of time on if to tell Jenna, how to tell Jenna, what to do or say if it made her sad, how to approach it in a way that wouldn't scar her--have her waiting for Elmo to die next week, the Olsen twins to die the week after. How to explain why the man's still on TV if he's dead? Too much. I decided to ignore it.

Little did I know a very natural conversation took place in my absense. I know that because I drove Jenna to school today and she mentioned off the cuff, "Kelsey knew that Mr. Rogers died too. She heard it on the news."

I said, "Oh, you know that Mr. Rogers died?"

"Yep. Daddy told me the other day. Kelsey knew too. That's sad."

Then she asked me if I'd turn on her favorite Earth Wind and Fire CD, and soon she was singing along with her favorite track (number 6), and the non event was pretty much just that.

Guess we know our hangups when our kids show us.

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