March 03, 2003

Tom thinks I'm onto something

In trying to sum up why what we're doing is important, you know, that gyration we all go through time and time again, the new entertainment of metablogging, I posted this in a comment, which tom calls out on Stir.

I think it bears repeating by me, up a level, in a post on my blog. So here:

I have promised to make some VIPS a list of articles and blogs that will somehow wrap the largeness of all of this into a single email. So far I haven't been able to do it. The importance of it, really, is that human voices--nobodies, really--are resonating farther and longer through this medium than the power structures of institutions like corporations, big media, government, religion... It's the bottom up thing that's important. I'm not saying we'll TAKE OVER any of those institutions, but we will penetrate and change them.

try explaining that to someone who wants to know what a blog is. yeh.

It all really goes back to this, which, even he who is the man with the star has said may not be exactly "there" as an idea yet. But I think, as he described it to me more than a year ago, when most people reading this weren't even blogging yet, it is more than there. It's here.

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