August 11, 2005

The Name Game

Geek Streak has an interview with Kaneva's Chris Klaus here.

Here's how the 'marketplace' concept of Kaneva is shaking out:
Distribution and hosting are two of the biggest barriers that exist today in MMO game development. Distribution is also a major barrier for film makers today. At Kaneva, we offer game developers a fully featured, freely downloadable platform to easily and quickly create games along with Managed Game Services so that game developers can focus on making great games, bringing them to market quickly, and earning sizeable royalties for their work.

Once game development is complete or in beta, developers utilize Kaneva's Managed Game Services for game distribution and hosting. These services also include billing, tracking and security – basically everything you need to successfully host and earn money for your online game. We also provide the developer with an opportunity to earn up to 70% royalties based on revenue size. Our Managed Game Services eliminate the need for developers to make expensive investments in the infrastructure needed to run an MMO.

It's fun watching Kaneva take shape. What I like about these guys is that they've been willing to "open the kimono" and let developers and plain old curious noodlers like me sign up and go in and sniff around. Chris Klaus has been open to answering questions and taking feedback on how the platform CAN work for game developers, etc. To me, that's fun. Or maybe I've just got a thing for betas. ;-)