August 09, 2005

Baby Microsofties

Jenna was how old when the first Monkey Boy video came out featuring Ballmer? You guys tell me. She's seven now--so that would have been what, 3 years ago? So she was like 4 maybe? She remembers. How could you forget if you were a kid, this sweaty guy running across your mommy's laptop screaming like a monkey boy?

Well, the other night I was laughing at the re-mix with George and Jenna's like, is that monkey boy?! And I'm like, "Yep, it is, remember?" And she comes to watch and falls on the floor, just like when she was four or five, "That crazy monkey guy--why does he do that?" and I said, "He's excited about his company."

Tonight she was in the bath, it's the night before school here, her first day of second grade tomorrow, and I hear her doing her usual bathtub jabber. Then I hear:

"Developers, developers, developers, developers. Developers, developers, developers, developers," punctuated with a big Monkey Yell. And she's doing the chant and swishing the water around, doing her own 7-year-old Ballmer remix.

And I wonder, what the heck kind of brand building is this?