August 13, 2005

Easy to find Corporate Blogging White Paper

I added a link to my corporate blogging white paper -- To Blog or Not to Blog? {PDF} -- on the sidebar so it's easy to get to. It's also linked over at The Content Factor blog and I think on our site.

A new version is coming when I figure out how to use indesign and make two corrections--spell Glenn Reynolds name right (two n's) and re-add Chief Blogging Officer to the resource list. Long story. Longer assignment considering I have to GET the templates from a design firm with whom I've had a ...errrr... little disagreement, and then figure out if I can afford to GET and LEARN InDesign.

Quark or InDesign--pros and cons? I need to get back to doing some low-level design stuff myself. I was never great, but I was okay back in the day.