August 10, 2005

What's worse than not blogging? Erratic blogging.

From a reader's perspective, don't you get all "rrrrghh" when your favorite bloggers start altering their usual posting schedule? No matter how loose that schedule might be, or how much of an unschedule it is, I get this quickening-skip-a-beat feeling when I see that my favorite reads aren't posting, then they will, then won't then will, then won't.

Now, with Bloglines, if I see that you're not bolded for one or two days, and you're someone who usually posts 22 in a day, and and then you start giving me only 2 or 3 a day for a while, I get momentarily mad at you. It would make me less mad if you didn't blog at all, because my scanning routine could resume without pause. The funny part is, that momentary disappointment doesn't last. It's a micro-emotion that forms and expunges itself in seconds. On online speed-of-feeling thing. It's weird.

So, you're probably micro-mad at me too. ;-)