August 12, 2005

This little widget looks cool.

This little widget from my google adsense ads, which I just clicked through -- seeing things about being tired up there in the ads, and still being tired myself -- looks pretty cool. You might say, Jeneane, it's august and you're in georgia. why are you thinking about seasonal affective disorder? I might answer--I'm not sure. I just feel like it's winter now and I'm holed up like it's 20 degrees out not 90. I think because school has started and I'm waking up when it's still dark. So it must be winter, right? No? Try telling my internal clock that.

I couldn't figure out how much this little lightbox is, but I'd actually think about getting something like this for the winter. I just wish it tanned too.

Of course, a trip to Jamaica in November might achieve the same effect...