February 08, 2006

More for Instapundit to Ignore

Frank Paynter points to a startling fact on more useless spending and coverup by BushCo. I think he's spot on with what he infers from this outrageous move, yet another from the Administration that really may cause the end of the world before its done.

The Bush administration, like some satanic cult insistent on opening a door for demonic possession of the country's consciousness, has budgeted $10 million dollars to deodorize the lingering stench of death and decay that surrounds the Nixon legacy. In 1974 the Republican warmonger's papers were seized by the government when his administration was brought down in disgrace. At that time it was mandated that the US government maintain those records and recordings in safe-keeping in the National Archives near Washington DC.

Now, in the first step of a revisionist scheme to restore some dignity to the crook, the Bush administration liars intend to move the records to Yorba Linda.

Onward Kristian Soldiers of the Reich--I mean, Right.

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