February 10, 2006

WISH LIST: Bring More Enterprise Tools to the Bsphere

I'm exhausted from trying to research some stuff--in annual report writing hell as we speak--which has me thinking that there's another wall that needs to come down, and it's the wall separating me from the stats I need to write effectively.

The major analyst firms either need to offer a price/platform for indies and new media folks, OR new media folks need to start indie analyst gropus of their own, offering their findings at a price that's at least sort of affordable, which is not $3K for a report.

Or even better, a wikipedia version of research and analysis compilations.

oh i'd love that.

If I didn't have seventeen other things to do, I would have already started an affordable service producing research reports at a reasonable price. I'd give away a lot of them. Organizations subscribing to the service could foot the bill--no need to charge PER DOWNLOAD after that.

Perhaps there are a few folks who are in the research/analysis discipline with experience in verticals like healthcare, financial services, IT, telecomm, wireless, etc. who want to hook up and do something. I'd love to help.

The model now with the big analyst firms holding the high-priced keys to the kingdom of research needs an overhaul. At the same time, enterprises wouldn't have to pay tens of thousands of dollars have a report done on their offering/product.

It's a need just waiting for a business model.

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