February 05, 2006

Stowe on CoComments

Stowe disects CoComments with interesting pics and explanations. Looking at all that, I think I'll wait and see what comes of it. Too much for tired brain.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jeneane, I wanted to cocomment on this :) cause actually is very easy to use, just as clicking a bookmarlet before hitting publish! and i have read already of ways to even automatize that step...after it all you will have all in one interface very intuitive to use as you might have seen on Stowe's post. All your comments in only one page and saved as a conversation so if anyone replies to any of them you will have an expanble thread or be alerted via RSS, just as reading the news. If you happen to have questions theres a very friendly community using the forums at: http://www.cocomment.com/forum/ cheers! One thing you will have to change in your blogger settings and that is that the comments window for your blog does'nt open as a pop up window cause that avoids cocomments from workinb properly.