February 09, 2006

Be The Writer

Over at Be The Boy we find yet another wonderful tale of what can happen when you mix a truckoad of high-proof alcohol with the chemistry of the human brain. (Be advised: You should not try this at home, at work, at a playground, or at the dentist's. Okay maybe at the dentist's.)

The first time it ever happened I was 16 on my way to a friend’s party, the proud owner of a bottle of cheap vodka on a Saturday night. After drinking it all as fast as I could, the 750 milliliters of straight booze in my system convinced me that it was time lose consciousness and to fall down. Upon getting up I thought it was getting late so I stumbled out for home, arriving there at 10 PM to find my dad surprised to see home so early. I was surprised too as I thought it was after midnight, apparently a friend thought it would be fun to change the time on my watch while I was passed out. In retrospect that is a pretty good trick. Luckily dad and the wife were too busy hiding the bong to notice my condition although they did ask why I felt the need to pee out the window during the night. The answer to that question by the way is to play dumb.

Will is really smart that way.

He also introduces us to a kickass writer with a naked ass baby. I hadn't read Holly Rhea before. But I will now.

Help send her to blogher. Then help send me.

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Anonymous said...

aw, you totally win.

(see you there)

Will said...

That Holly is good, if it comes down to it I can sell some organs to get you both to BlogHer. I have way too many moving parts anyway.