February 11, 2006

BubbleShare's NEW GOODIES!!

The next rev of BubbleShare is out and rockin'. Albert posts about it here.

Major release on BubbleShare today. Still a few bugs to iron out, but I hope to hear everyone's feedback. We took all the suggestions over the past few months and tried to take as much of it as possible and put it into our first major release since launch (well, officially, this is our "3rd release" in the past 3-4 months).

There are some great new features that have been wrapped in to the new release. Albert has them here. My favorites?

  • All albums that you’ve created now show up in your “My Albums” tab
  • All albums received now show up in your “Received Albums” tab
  • Bookmark albums from the community
  • “Audio” icon shows up only when there’s audio on the photo (in blog-output/iFrame view)

If you haven't checked it out, give it a go. As always, Albert and the BS team would like your feedback.

And if you haven't done so--GET YOUR SUBMISSION IN for the contest before Feb 20th to win an iPod Nano and other cool stuff.