February 10, 2006

WISH LIST: Bring More Enterprise Tools to the Bsphere

I'm exhausted from trying to research some stuff--in annual report writing hell as we speak--which has me thinking that there's another wall that needs to come down, and it's the wall separating me from the stats I need to write effectively.

The major analyst firms either need to offer a price/platform for indies and new media folks, OR new media folks need to start indie analyst gropus of their own, offering their findings at a price that's at least sort of affordable, which is not $3K for a report.

Or even better, a wikipedia version of research and analysis compilations.

oh i'd love that.

If I didn't have seventeen other things to do, I would have already started an affordable service producing research reports at a reasonable price. I'd give away a lot of them. Organizations subscribing to the service could foot the bill--no need to charge PER DOWNLOAD after that.

Perhaps there are a few folks who are in the research/analysis discipline with experience in verticals like healthcare, financial services, IT, telecomm, wireless, etc. who want to hook up and do something. I'd love to help.

The model now with the big analyst firms holding the high-priced keys to the kingdom of research needs an overhaul. At the same time, enterprises wouldn't have to pay tens of thousands of dollars have a report done on their offering/product.

It's a need just waiting for a business model.

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French said...

Whether or not you decide to purse an open source research model, there's a great deal of useful market and best practices information provided free of charge by the IT and telecoms industry analysts, from the smallest to the largest. Some have adopted Creative Commons licensing -- see www.redmonk.com and www.http://www.macehiterwarddutton.com -- while others like Wohl Associates are aligning with attentiontrust.org.

Anonymous said...

I can do healthcare, telecom, and wireless. Let me know when you want to start. :)

Jeneane Sessum said...

Okay right--so we can start by centralizing the existing free research, and then as we build momentum, we could start doing/offering our own.

I'm in too Larry. Let's start next week. Of the 24 hours in the day I still have 4 open and sleep (at night anyway) is overrated. Naps are good things tho.

Do you skype? Add me - jeneanesessum

Should we use bleezer? Do you know wikis? I suck at wikis. The wikipedia model would be cool--or we could do it blogstyle or website style. The tech part is not my forte. The prolific user part is.

I'm gathering stats now for M2M. Some are from the big research firms but they're stats that are older. Still, valuable to put in a centralized place as long as we put the dates on em. Is that legal? I dunno. Do I mind getting sued by Gartner? Maybe these firms might want to start contributing some more useful stats and research to the project--a little more useful than the ones they give you when you take the five minutes to tell them about your entire life during registration.

Maybe we go back and partner with Highbeam, where locke used to be.

I dunno, but I'm in too.


Anonymous said...

Also check out IT Analysis (it's a group of smaller analyst firms getting together to make their research available FOC), Quocirca and Freeform Dynamics. Not sure on copyright positions but like French says, there's a whole load of info out there already provided you know where to look.

Jon Husband said...

What would you (or an organization with projects, knowledge workers, conected clients/customers, etc.) say to an easy-to-use RSS aggregator / newsreader, with search always at the ready of course, with a blog authoring app able to be invoked in the toolbar above each and every RSS feed you may look at .. so that you can receive incoming feeds, browse, search ... and then ...

.. when you find something useful / interesting / worth building upon .. one click and you have the blog authopring / publishing tool open with the specific content you are interested in loaded into the app, ready to edit and then post, in order to share and circulate understanding, awareness and knowledge

I believe (i think) that this would be a very useful one-or-two-click personal productivity tool that allows for an ongoing, rolling process of inputs (feeds and search), throughputs (browsing, reading, thinking, linking) and outputs (writing, editing, linking, posting).

And .. it exists.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeneane,

Found this via Euan Semple - you may be interested in this from James Enck's EuroTelcoblog.

"David Jackson, the hardest-working man in financial blogdom, continues his relentless disruption of the traditional stock research model, now expanding his free conference call transcript service to 400 companies (and counting)."