May 07, 2006

Top 100 "are there any women worth subscribing to" OPML Feeds Or Something

Boys Share OPML, Women Are from Venus.

or something like that. sobering to see how many subscribed to feeds represent writing from folks without vaginas. Or maybe writing from folks without readers. Randy has more.

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Amy said...

Jeneane, I was on the list for a day during early testing. I wrote about it today:

Thanks for your comment on my cone picture. I'm fond of it too. It's a $1 stock picture from Dreamstime.

Jeneane Sessum said...

Amy I think what you said here is right on:

"But what about this? What if there were subsets of the members of Share Your OPML? Dave said Dan recrafted the site in PHP. I'm guessing that means MySQL too, and a relational database opens the door for some interesting crosstab possibilities."

Otherwise it's just another Y'ALL (Yet Another Long List).

On the use side, i don't want to know opml/php/mysql. just let me add and see and share.

thanks for coming over!

Seth Finkelstein said...

"More Voice For The Voiceful"