May 07, 2006

It's true, blogging does take the weekend off.

there is shittity shit to read this among the social sphere online this weekend, and there!

So I've insulted us all, self included, because we deserve it, and knowledge would approve. Remember when we were dying for the weekend because that pesky "workplace" wouldn't get in the way of our blogfrenzy? What up?

I've been through Bloglines, Technorati, my referrers, most of my blogroll, half of BubbleShare, most of Flickr, six-tenths of myspace, seventeen-twenty-seconds of second life, and I can find scant evidence of any goddam one saying any goddam thing that somebody  goddam else hasn't said before.

(i defer to amyloo, whose sherbet cone rocks the shpere, on usage)

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