May 08, 2006

The Extended Enterprize Want Ad

I am looking to extend my enterprise to four interested PR/marketing independent partners with similar interests to create a loosely-joined organization whose express purpose and mission is to purchase and share a single license to bacon's media map (sorry, media source).

Interested partners must like long walks in the park, getting caught in the rain, some body hair, and using paypal.

A media source license costs $3280. Divided by four that's $820. Members of our organization will have access to a shared username and password for media source. We will timeshare that login, with specific chunks of time during the day/night assigned to each of us. If we decide to, we can rotate blocks each month. Requests for "special in" time during another partner's block will be considered. You can trade time blocks as long as both parties agree. Hell, you can do whatever you want as long as I get my 6 hour block each day. I'm making this up as I go along.

Now, if you create lists you don't want me to use, you tell me. Same as I'll tell you. If anyone abuses their access or the work of a partner, you get a warning. If the majority think you're a prick after two warnings, we'll change the UN and password without telling you and you're out.

Listen, with the right people this COULD be a collaborative venture, to actually leverage one another's work. But I think we should start it off by admitting: the motivation for our partnering is self-preservation.

Will consider between 3-6 partners. More than that and the username/password thing gets funky. Not good funky. Bad funky.

Is this legal? I don't have a clue. If we have to get a DBA to do it under a business called BaconsEgg&Cheese, then that's fine. If we have to share a personality and identity, I'm fine with that.

I'll tell you this, if it isn't legal, then Bacons better get its ass into every client's door, because this is JUST how the username and password is used in mid-size firms and some larger firms. One license, one seat, multiple folks logging on, never simultaneously.

It's like a pool membership. I have an only child. You have four kids. I ought to be able to bring three of my kid's friends for the same price as you bring your four kids.

SO what do you get for your $820? Part-time access to the tool of choice for media relations:

a continuously daily updated online database

the ability to build and store media lists - which we then automatically update

ability to search all 2006 edcals - never miss a story opportunity

ability to search by beat or by geography

ability to email 5,000 press release pages to reporters - go direct into the reporters inbox to get better coverage

3 months Internet news monitoring.

This is not my plan for retooling the industry. THAT's going to take a little more time. I'm simply offering a TEMPORARY solution to a nagging barrier-to-entry problem in the event that others are experiencing the same frustration.

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