August 25, 2006

The Internet As Fruit

You STILL think there's no real thinking going on inside MySpace? Well, you try describing the Internet in fruit terms.

You see, a network is a collection of grapes. These grapes are connected to each other by string, forming string-connections, where each grape makes one string-connection with every other grape that's in its network.

The internet works the same way. It is a network, but on a global scale; therefore, it's a  really large collection of string-connected grapes. However,  in order for a grape in the United Sates to connect to a grape in Japan, a lot of string is required, more string than a single grape can afford.

The solution: the grape finds an orange, to string-connect with. In turn, these oranges connect to other oranges using straws, forming straw-connections. Unlike grapes, oranges have lots of money and so they have miles and miles of straw.  Also, the reason oranges use straw-connections is because straw-connections are faster than string-connections.

Fuck yeah there's more.

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