August 25, 2006

Okay Cool--I think I'll Subscribe to THIS version of the big dogs' feeds

I LOVE YELLOW!!!! And, How Handy! I can look Yellow Gatr: Big Dogs anywhere I am, sort of like being mobile except right now I happen to not be mobile, but you never know, and on one page I see what the leading forefathers of tech are saying, 24x7. In YELLOW! With one click, their intellect is streaming right into my browser.

Awesome! I don't have to go to their sites at all. It's like a river of content (ROC) coming right at me. Hey, that's the airport identifier for Rochester, New York, the city of my birth! Synchronicity!

The web is ever expanding. More people, more access, more content, more rivers, more bridges. More Money! We can all benefit from this aggregation of feeds -- making these can't-live-without-em sites more accessible is the job of technologists who want to empower users.

The more accessible the content, the better the Web, right? Wow! Hot Damn!

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