August 22, 2006

lunchtime nap, co-worlds, and Legends

Sometimes my work takes the form of sliding back onto the pillow and letting my thoughts go crisscross up and down until I fall asleep. AKA: I take a nap. Today's noontime exercise in zzzzs produced a certain dream about a certain service that was essentially, in non-dream terms, a virtual world called LegendsDM (trademarked? try dreammarked).

In Legends, cool old bands from different time periods, as well as the products/commercials from certain eras--the designs just looked like different time periods--were streaming and alive. The dream feeling was one of being bombarded, but not in an unpleasant way, with a blast from the past.

Imagine the excitement (confusion?) for those product placement people in old media scrambling to get old Coca-Cola bottles or old beer -- Schaefer is the one beer to have when you're having more than one -- commercials running in Legends in context with the bands from the same time period performing, all with links out to today's versions.

In the jumpy-dream way I experienced Legends, I noticed different compartments/portals/areas--what are these worlds inside of other worlds called--co-worlds?--where it felt like the Brady Bunch era, and another where a band was playing looking like Duran Duran, but that must be because I read an article recently saying Duran Duran was going to play live inside Second Life.

Maybe some remnant of that article, combined with jenna's 50's sock hop dance from Friday, are what streamed all of these nostalgic co-worlds into my head, under the brand name of Legends, while I slept instead of doing what I was supposed to do, or maybe visiting Legends is exactly what I was supposed be doing.

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