August 23, 2006

Blacks are Twice as Racist as Whites in South Africa, OR What a Dumb Fucking Poll

From Mike Y Blog? Golby, new South African nationwide research, conducted by Plus 94 Research, a marketing research company and affiliate of the Gallup group, claims that black South Africans are twice as racist as (not to be confused with "sick to death of"?) whites when "seeking out services in public places." Precisely:

"Some 44% of respondents claimed to have experienced an attitude from Africans they believed bordered on racial discrimination, against 27% who had received similar treatment by whites when seeking out services in public places."

Yeah, well, there you have it. I knew there was something about them I didn't like. They're a bunch of bloody racists. Plus 94 Research tells me so and the Sunday Times, our largest-circulation paper, spells it out. The poll results headlined this past Sunday's edition, which was avidly snapped up by countless millions who've always suspected our black brothers and sisters of having it in for us.

It goes to show. The Nats weren't so bad after all, eh?

Pity about the Indians, Muslims, coloureds and the hoi-poloi. The poll tells us they really get stick from our indigenous rednecks.

"This is something that people need to know because it’s a reality for many people when dealing with a security guard or a bank.”

Well Heck Yeah!

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