August 26, 2006

Scoble on why Amanda's laying low is lame and how mainstream press is no longer paying attention, and how the whole amanda thing is "sad"...

OMG How fucking obnoxious. Scoble says Amanda has blown her opportunity for attention in his post about  how PopURLs aggregated something about her without linking to her.

Specifically, Scoble says Amanda has blown an opportunity to get attention from the mainstream press for whatever company she might have chosen to pimp next. I mean, what has the broad been doing--taking her time with her...oh...i dunno... real life?

Now if I were a bettin' woman, I'd bet that Scoble or VideoPod or wherever it is he works tried to get Amanda to hawk something during the highly linked Rocketboom hubub, which is about the same time that Winer and Crew came down on the side of Rocketboom, not Congdonboom.It would have also been about the same time Amanda was figuring out what to do next. And I'll bet she maybe ignored the illustrious advice from from Podiovideo or whatever it is.

CONGjecture, my friends. Pure conjecture.

Besides I don't like to bet these days. Only scratch off tickets. Ask my kid.

Amanda, take your time. Yesterday's forgotten are tomorrow's Celebs, babe.

"People are forgetting who she is. Every day she waits she loses more value — the mainstream press won’t pay attention to this story anymore, they’ve already moved on. That’s really sad. If she had announced something new within the first few days she could have really added a lot of attention to something."

From the scoble feed on YellowGatr.

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