August 18, 2006


the place where I come from is a small town
they think so small
they use small words
-but not me
I'm smarter than that
I worked it out
I've been stretching my mouth
to let those big words come right out

--peter gabriel, big time

my head gets wound all inward when i hear the talking blogheads tell me what blogging is and what it isn't. the noobs don't get me wrong, i'm glad they're here, but damn if we shouldn't get some Freshman Friday deal and throw some whip cream pies in their face just payment for warming up the joint while they were on conference calls in jobs with benefits and shit.

one guy tells me the a-list is thisnthat and its so funny because who cares if they link or don't link, goddam look at your referrer list now a days it's all google anyhow and people are coming from lamebrain aggregators that don't give a shit about sending traffic to your blog, and now winer wrote an app for scoble so he can read techcrunch while at the techcrunch party instead of like 'beingthere' and that strips out everything but pure content, 24x7 all the content you can eat all the time. wtf? we built an all you can eat buffet and what does it matter if they din't bother putting any of those overdone spaghetti noodles with the meatsauce you a slop on top?

i am not content with content. i want context. when i split off from my bad decision content factor relationship, i thought--start the context factor, because content without context is like a Trojan without a receptacle on the end. it's just messy and uncomfortable--no place to go with what you got. i'm just thinking out loud here.

anyway, the a-list thing, you guys we gotta drop that crap. it's not a list. it's not a-list. it's HIM and HIM and HIM. And sometimes HER. Call them on it. Don't give them the power ranking. Say this: Dave don't be a jerk--Amyloo is great but she's not the only woman you know. Say Jay, link to someone who DOESN'T link to you once in a while. Say Doc, i'm gonna send you an email of the best blogposts by noobs each week. Doc's the good guy. We're all busy. Let's be each others interns. Stretch yourself.

or if you don't want to stretch, then by all means sit on the couch, pour a cool glass of ice water or what have you, light up a cigarette for me because i can't, smoke it baby smoke it, and eat me some of those milk chocolate Lindt candy balls, and write. just write. don't write ABOUT anybody who blogs. do two posts right now that don't link. kay. think don't link.

then you can go back to your blogging as usual.

i might do nothing but comment for a week. i think shelley did that one time when she quit. she just commented. that's smart. it's like going a-callin'.

so nuf about me. just catching up and going to sleep.

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