August 13, 2006

myspace question what's keeping me wanting

why can't i pay levi seacer right now to download Happy Love and take it with me in my car on a cd of favorite myspace music i like or on my mp3 player, because i have to leave the house right now, and the Internet should make it possible for me to NOT have to leave the song I'm listening to behind--and make sure Levi makes some bread too. Why does it have to be so much work. It shouldn't be. Distribution is flawed. Recommendation is flawed.

There is an entire Big Bang Idea waiting in human-assisted music recommendation and distribution. whatever. Tag it, flag it, pay for it, DO IT SOMEBODY.

I wanted to take Happy Love with me today. You might want to too. But we can't. And he doesn't need to let me take it for free. And I shouldn't have to go hunting around for it. Not w/ all the hooptie-doo of web 2.0 or do i have to wait for 3.0? goodness. pisses me off. i love myspace because of that. we're almost there. then it will populate 100000000 times over.

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