August 13, 2006

social network myspace--notes

myspace is lame, no it's not. rupert's in control, no he's not.

listen i stand by myspace. i like that it doesn't work so well. yet. I like that everytime i'm there i can think of 22 ways to make it better. I can think of 22 more on how to make $--business models blooming. why not let users feed what music is cool out from myspace via rss, why not mashup cdbaby or itunes-likeness, let me pay $2 a song to the artists I like, not who's popular--who's popular TO ME--and i'm the source to my friends. why isn't every one of us a distribution network for music. why don't we even get 25 cents a match--humans as intermediaries powered by tech, not technology as intermediary. a top-ten-sources way to distribute me, love my music because i don't have much in common with 18 year old college freshmen but i have a lot in common with tom and frank and stowe and shelley and e. and mike and gary and chris and lisa and jory and denise and 1000 other friends and i want to see their music distribution feeds off myspace, new music not the same old lame old, and i want to pay the artists and i want denise to get a quarter for making the match.

or what happened to chat on myspace and what if you could invite friends to a shared collaborative space. what if myspace powered collaboration in the communities and groups there--what if advertisers sponsored it with new google-powered search and adwords.

myspace isn't all kids. myspace is my space too--and other social spaces will be my space, but you have to understand, i like myspace because i like who is already there.

add a qumana-driven tagging utility--break me free of pre-configured tags on myspace.

what if i could host events ON MYSPACE not just announce events. getting invited to an event on myspace makes me think: oh goody, something to do online and then i find out it's in LA. i can't get to LA today. Now I DO want to know what's up in the ATL. that's good. let me pick--show me events for Online, Atlanta, Southeast. and so on. Hold some stinking online events--or bridge me to a world where I can.

i like myspace because i don't like finished spaces. I like spaces that still need work. I want to know there's still work to do. in a finished space, the world is populated and everything works, and so what. then you die.

in spaces where everyone has to lean forward to make it to the top of the hill, THAT's where community is. Community is what forms where everything isn't fixed and working and fleshed out. Community is possibility.

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