August 13, 2006

They call it 'writer' for short - windows live writer


why does this read like ze frank talking about knowledge, but with the exact opposite level of coolness? Why do I feel like I'm being talked to as a three year old who can now press the 'enter' key on her own? Why do I think this is stupid?

Why are they saying "Blogging has turned the web into a two-way communications medium" and linking to something dave winer wrote SIX YEARS AGO? Blogging's BEEN a two-way communication medium from the get-go--fuck that, it's a MULTI-WAY MULTI-DIMENSIONAL communication medium. or it's not a communication medium at all, maybe it's the message, mofos. maybe blogging is 8 parts context, 2 parts content.

The last likeable thing about Microsoft was Scoble, and don't make me wander too far into that territory cause there are some weeds to be found.

Microsoft, what side of the bed did you wake up on today--stupid?

"Whether you are blogging about a vacation or a political conflict, maps are a great help in engaging the imagination of your readers."

Microsoft, who wrote that shit?

From what I've read here, I'm not moved to try "Writer" (hey kids, "Writer knows the styles of your blog...Writer also includes other views..." No motherfuckers, I AM THE WRITER. WE ARE THE WRITERS. You are Microsoft. Go make love to the enterprise. Leave the intuitive blog related tools to the folks who care about this space and go fix Vista--an OS I hope to never have to experience. And quit talking to me like I'm three.

Or maybe I'll try it tomorrow.


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