August 14, 2006

school starts tomorrow

as you can see, i haven't exactly turned my clock around yet. it's 1:39 and i'm wide awake. shit. i hate 6 a.m. waking. I have been on my 11-11+ schedule all summer and that's how i work best. Just let me sleep in. Then the game's on.

So this next week or two will be a challenge. I haven't needed to nap all summer. Now I remember how i got through last school year with the late evening work projects: i napped in the late a.m.

poop. no time to nap now. jenna couldn't sleep. she was too excited. 3rd grade here she comes. lookout, she turns 9 in sept.

well, let's make tonight count. it's the last day of summer in the south--or at least summer with the kids calling you every 2 minutes.

carpool dropoff in 6 hrs.

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