September 07, 2006

everything should be one click

after 17 gazillion years an e-commerce aficionado, there is a single customer experience still delights me, every single time, and it's amazon who does it right:


One-click purchasing is the smartest, wisest, coolest, fastest, most-mania-feeding, shoperiffic feature ever invented. fuck checkouts, fuck carts, fuck double checking, fuck second thoughts. just one click. that's all.

and what if my one-clicks and your one-clicks mated. the baby is no-click. no-click ordering is commerce by default. oh happy joy! present me with what i need. i am open hands.

okay, maybe we're not there yet. but we can dream? isn't that what getting social is about?

For now, I want my life to be one click. I want one-click parenting, one-click work, one-click travel, one-click therapy.

But don't leave out the part where I can three-click cancel my one-click decisions.

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