September 07, 2006

You see the good blogs thingy? I likey.

So I met Vern of TheGoodBlogs via email and he has some enduring love for the blog sisters, the first women's team blog on blogspot way back in the day, and still non-commercial after all these years, although posting has slowed to a dribble  as more popular women's communities have sprouted up and our sisters have become busy with all kinds of endeavors.

But but but but, don't count us out. Vern hasn't.

I like TheGoodBlogs; just take a look at my sidebar. They have a cool community feature for sites like ours and yours. What you see on MY thegoodblogs widget are the most recent posts from our active member blog sisters from their own blogs--how cool is that? Goes WAY beyond technorati faves. TheGoodBlogs lets me tell you which blog sisters are writing new posts on their home blogs.

I love that it opens the doors of the community, says read her here and go visit her over there too. What do they say about sending you away? Sending you away is a good thing.

You'll see it working over on Blog Sisters, and on Elaine's blog, and you'll see it popping up on other blogs.

More soon. Let me know what you think if you try it.

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