September 07, 2006

Meow woof

Tara points out a Pet-Loving Marketer's dream job. Get your allergy shots and get going. What a great opportunity. Except I don't think they need a marketer at all. They need a PRM Specialist. snicker snicker snicker. okay, can i help myself? no. I decided to write up some interview questions for the job so they can find the perfect PRM Specialist:

What would you save in a house fire, your laptop or your chewie?

What is your percentage of on the paper vs on the wood floor?

What do you see as the Internet's effects on the game of fetch?

Have you ever been dooced? Maced?

If you find a bug in our software, do you a.) report it; b.) fix it; or c.) scratch it?

Newspaper: Friend or Foe?

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