September 04, 2006

You had to be there? Oh no you din't

Thanks to RageBoy, who gave me quite the shout out tonight--and I have two rosy cheeks to prove it.

But he sort of omitted the context for my gut-wrenching guffaw. In my own defense, I only slip into unrecoverable, hysterical laughter 17 times a year (plus every third Tuesday). I mean, it's rare that I lose my shit. Ask anyone. That's why, once captured, I'm all for sharing it with a few million of my closest online friends.

But, BEFORE you click through here to go there, allow me to provide the context that I mentioned above... It's the least you can do.

The other evening I was chatting with RB on google talk, when the phone rang at his apartment. He IMed me to hold on… and when he came back he told me it was the same guy who had called two times in the last two days.

Each time, the guy says hey, I've been getting your mail, and I've been eating it.

And RB says, my mail, huh? wha? You mean my email? (as if THAT would put the whole thing in perspective).

And the guy says, no your mail. I've been getting your mail and ripping it up and eating it.

And then the guy hangs up. Holy cow.

Keep in mind that RB's little thumbnail graphic is this serious picture of Mr. Locke in his desk chair looking kind of slyly up at the camera, and so I'm reading about this caller, you know in that unfolding way that IM allows us to present ourselves to each other, one line at a time, looking at his serious picture, and hearing tell of this bizarre – Disturbed? Dangerous? -- individual who keeps calling to say he's eating RB's postal mail.

On the other end, RB thinks I am, perhaps, concerned, or worried, or frightened. Like a good friend would be.

So, I press the "Send Voicemail" button on Google Talk and record my reaction, which g-talk then sends to him.

CLICK HERE for "the rest of the story" -- plus the part that says I'm smart and stuff. Don't forget that part.

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